AWS vs Azure vs Google Cloud: Choosing the Right Cloud Platform

Cloud Computing has come an extended manner seeing that its inception. It’s not a query of whether or not to choose Cloud Computing or not; now, the query is which cloud platform to head for. With the Cloud Computing marketplace flooding with severa cloud vendors, AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud Platform stand out proudly because the pinnacle 3 cloud vendors. So, how do you make a decision which one to choose? How do you finish the large AWS vs Azure vs Google Cloud debate? Well, this weblog is how you’ll get solutions to these types of questions.

This weblog on AWS vs Azure vs Google Cloud highlights and elaborates the essential elements of assessment amongst AWS, Azure, and GCP. In this Azure vs AWS vs Google Cloud weblog, you’ll be taken via the subsequent topics:

AWS vs Azure vs Google Cloud: Establishment

Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services is a subsidiary of, which affords an on-call for Cloud Computing platform to individuals, groups, and governments on a paid-subscription basis.

Amazon Web Services is the oldest and the maximum skilled participant withinside the cloud marketplace. As one of the oldest cloud vendors, it has installed a larger person base, in addition to larger believe and reliability elements.

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AWS become publicly released in 2006 with carrier services inclusive of Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2), Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3), etc. By 2009, Elastic Block Store (EBS) become made public, and offerings inclusive of Amazon CloudFront, Content transport network (CDN), and extra officially joined the AWS Cloud Computing Service services.

Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure, to begin with referred to as Azure, become released in 2010 with the cause to offer a ready Cloud Computing platform for businesses. Azure become renamed as ‘Microsoft Azure’ in 2014, aleven though the name ‘Azure’ remains normally used. Since its inception, Microsoft Azure has proven extraordinary development amongst its competition.

Google Cloud Platform

Google Cloud Platform (GCP), which is obtainable through Google, is a set of Cloud Computing offerings that runs at the identical infrastructure that Google makes use of internally for it give up-person merchandise inclusive of Google Search engine, YouTube, and extra.

Google Cloud Platform started out its adventure in 2011, and in much less than a decade it has controlled to create an excellent presence withinside the cloud industry. The preliminary cause of Google Cloud become to bolster Google’s personal merchandise inclusive of Google Search engine and YouTube. But now, they have got additionally delivered their corporation offerings in order that everybody can use Google Cloud Platform which stocks the identical infrastructure as that of Google Search or YouTube.

AWS vs Azure vs Google Cloud: Availability Zones

It has been already installed that AWS become the earliest withinside the cloud area this means that that they’ve had extra time to set up and increase their network. So, AWS is web website hosting in more than one places international. Azure and GCP also are web website hosting in more than one places international, however the distinction takes place withinside the variety in their respective availability zones.

1. AWS has 66 availability zones with 12 extra at the manner.

2. Azure has fifty four areas international and is to be had in a hundred and forty nations everywhere in the world.

3. Google Cloud Platform has been made to be had in 20 areas round the sector with three extra on their manner.

Moving on with this Azure vs AWS vs Google Cloud weblog, let’s check out the marketplace stocks and boom fee of every of those cloud vendors.

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AWS vs Azure vs Google Cloud: Market Shares and Growth Rate

According to the pronounced quarterly profits for 2021, Microsoft’s Azure cloud sales has been discovered to, as soon as again, outperform each AWS and Google Cloud combined.

In spite of the Goliath-like stature of Amazon’s AWS, Microsoft’s Azure cloud outperformed its competition with its US$17.7 billion (50% sales boom over the preceding sector) in commercial-cloud sales as according to the economic profits report. While Amazon’s AWS pronounced US$13.five billion in cloud commercial enterprise sales for the sector (sales grew 32% withinside the sector), Google Cloud had a modest US$4.05 billion.

Reports through Canalys mentions that as of April 2021, the worldwide cloud marketplace grew 35% this sector to $41.eight billion. AWS covers 32% of the marketplace, observed through Azure at 19% and Google at 7%.

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AWS vs Azure vs Google Cloud: Who Uses Them?

Since AWS is the oldest participant withinside the cloud marketplace, it relatively has a larger network assist and person base. Therefore, AWS has extra high-profile and famous clients like Netflix, Airbnb, Unilever, BMW, Samsung, MI, Zynga, etc.

Azure is likewise gaining its proportion of high-profile clients with time. As of now, Azure has nearly eighty percentage of Fortune 500 groups as its clients. Some of its essential clients are Johnson Controls, Polycom, Fujifilm, HP, Honeywell, Apple, etc.

Google, on the opposite hand, stocks the identical infrastructure as that of Google Search and YouTube and, as a result, many high gives up groups have placed their religion in Google Cloud. Major customers of Google Cloud are HSBC, PayPal, twentieth Century Fox, Bloomberg, Dominos, and extra.

All those cloud vendors provide diverse cloud computing offerings which can be required for any fundamental commercial enterprise. The distinction takes place withinside the variety of those offerings. So, shifting ahead with this Azure vs AWS vs Google Cloud weblog, let’s check out the carrier services of those cloud vendors.

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AWS vs Azure vs Google Cloud: Services

Now, you’ll see what these types of 3 cloud giants ought to provide in phrases of offerings.

With the brought benefit of 5 years of a head start, AWS computing offerings are through a long way the maximum advanced and functionally rich.

AWS gives round 200+ offerings, while Azure gives as much as 100+ offerings. Google Cloud, on the opposite hand, is catching up with Azure and AWS providing round 60+ offerings.

Service services from AWS, Azure, and GCP that come below the domain names of compute, database, storage, and networking are mapped below:

Compute Services

IaaSAmazon Elastic Compute CloudVirtual MachinesGoogle Compute Engine
PaaSAWS Elastic BeanstalkApp Service and Cloud ServicesGoogle App Engine
ContainersAmazon Elastic Compute Cloud Container ServiceAzure Kubernetes Service (AKS)Google Kubernetes Engine
Serverless FunctionsAWS LambdaAzure FunctionsGoogle Cloud Functions

Database Services

RDBMSAmazon Relational Database ServiceSQL DatabaseGoogle Cloud SQL
NoSQL: Key–ValueAmazon DynamoDBTable StorageGoogle Cloud DatastoreGoogle Cloud Bigtable
NoSQL: IndexedAmazon SimpleDBAzure Cosmos DBGoogle Cloud Datastore

Storage Services

Object StorageAmazon Simple Storage ServiceBlob StorageGoogle Cloud Storage
Virtual Server DisksAmazon Elastic Block StoreManaged DisksGoogle Compute Engine Persistent Disks
Cold StorageAmazon GlacierAzure Archive Blob StorageGoogle Cloud Storage Nearline
File StorageAmazon Elastic File SystemAzure File StorageZFS/Avere

Networking Services

Virtual NetworkAmazon Virtual Private Cloud(VPC)Virtual Networks (VNets)Virtual Private Cloud
Elastic Load BalancerElastic Load BalancerAzure Load BalancerGoogle Cloud Load Balancing
PeeringDirect ConnectExpressRouteGoogle Cloud Interconnect
DNSAmazon Route 53Azure DNSGoogle Cloud DNS

AWS vs Azure vs Google Cloud: Key Cloud Tools

Currently, there may be an excessive amount of opposition most of the 3 cloud carriers. In accordance with the modern day traits and purchaser demands, all 3 carriers have all started to provide those offerings and are possibly to enlarge them withinside the future.

AWS Key Tools

Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning

From its listing of varied AI-orientated offerings, AWS gives DeepLens, an AI-powered digital digicam for growing and deploying gadget gaining knowledge of algorithms to apply them for optical person reputation and photograph or item reputation. AWS has introduced an open-supply deep gaining knowledge of library known as Gluon, which may be used by builders and non-builders to speedy construct neural networks with none know-how of AI.

SageMaker to Severless

AWS has a protracted listing of offerings withinside the regions of gadget gaining knowledge of and AI. AWS’s listing of offerings additionally consists of AWS SageMaker, that’s used to teach and install gadget gaining knowledge of models. It additionally has the Lex conversational interface that powers Alexa offerings, AWS Greengrass IoT messaging carrier, and Lambda serverless computing carrier.

Azure Key Tools

Cognitive Services

Heavily making an investment withinside the fields of gadget gaining knowledge of and AI, Microsoft gives gadget gaining knowledge of and a bot carrier on Azure. Apart from this, it additionally has cognitive offerings that consist of Bing Web Search API, Text Analytics API, Face API, Computer Vision API, and Custom Vision Service. Furthermore, for IoT, Microsoft has numerous control and analytics offerings, and its serverless computing carrier is called Functions.

Supporting MSFT Software

Azure has numerous equipment that assist in helping on-premises Microsoft software program. Azure Backup is a carrier that hyperlinks Windows Server Backup, in Windows Server 2012 R2, and Windows Server 2016. Visual Studio Team Services hosts Visual Studio initiatives on Azure.

Google Cloud Key Tools

IoT to Serverless

Out of all of the superior technologies, Google Cloud has services in APIs for herbal language, speech, translation, and more. In addition to those services, it gives IoT and serverless offerings however beta previews.

Big On AI

Google Cloud is presently the chief in AI development. The credit score of which is going to TensorFlow, an open-supply software program library for constructing gadget gaining knowledge of applications. TensorFlow is notably famous amongst builders.

AWSComprehend •Lex •Polly •Rekognition •Machine Learning •Translate •Transcribe •DeepLens •Deep Learning AMIs •SageMaker •Apache MXNet on AWS •TensorFlow on AWS•IoT Core •FreeRTOS •Greengrass •IoT 1-Click •IoT Analytics •IoT Button •IoT Device Defender •IoT Device Management•Lambda •Serverless Application Repository
Azure•Machine Learning •Azure Bot Service •Cognitive Services•IoT Hub •IoT Edge •Stream Analytics •Time Series Insights•Functions
Google Cloud•Cloud Machine Learning Engine •Dialogflow Enterprise Edition •Cloud Natural Language •Cloud Speech API •Cloud Translation API •Cloud Video Intelligence •Cloud Job Discovery (Private Beta)•Cloud IoT Core (Beta)•Cloud Functions (Beta)

AWS vs Azure vs Google Cloud: Hybrid and Multi Cloud Options

All three vendors are not yet significantly into hybrid and multi cloud offerings, but offer different tools to give customers more flexibility.

AWS Hybrid and Multi Cloud

  • AWS Snowball
  • AWS Snowcone
  • AWS Outposts
  • AWS Local Zones
  • VMware Cloud on AWS
  • AWS Wavelength
  • Amazon ECS Anywhere
  • Amazon EKS Anywhere

Azure Hybrid And Multi Cloud

  • Azure Arc
  • Azure Backup
  • Azure Active Directory
  • Azure Security Center
  • Azure Blob Storage
  • Azure Stack
  • Azure Centinel

Google Cloud Hybrid and Multi Cloud

  • Anthos
  • Traffic Director
  • Looker
  • Cloud Build
  • Operations
  • Cloud Run for Anthos

AWS vs Azure vs Google Cloud: Pricing

Following is a comparison among the pricing models of AWS, Azure, and GCP on the basis of the machine type that they offer:

Machine TypeAWSAzureGCP
Smallest InstanceIn the case of AWS, a very basic instance that includes 2 virtual CPUs and 8 GB of RAM will cost you around US$69 per month.For the same type of instance, i.e., an instance with 2 vCPUs and 8 GB of RAM, in Azure, will cost you around US$70/month.Compared to AWS, GCP will provide you the most basic instance, containing 2 virtual CPUs and 8 GB of RAM at a 25 percent cheaper rate. So, it will cost you around US$52/month.
Largest InstanceThe largest instance offered by AWS that includes 3.84 TB of RAM and 128 vCPUs will cost you around US$3.97/hour.The largest instance offered by Azure includes 3.89 TB of RAM and 128 vCPUs. It costs around US$6.79/hour.GCP takes the lead here with its largest instance that includes 3.75 TB of RAM and 160 vCPUs. It will cost you around US$5.32/hour.

Another factor to word right here is that AWS these days commenced imparting pay-according to-minute billing. Azure already gives pay-according to-minute billing, even as Google Cloud gives pay-according to-2d billing fashions which allow customers keep manner extra than the use of AWS or Azure. Google additionally gives diverse reductions to assist clients keep as much as 50 percentage in a few instances while in comparison to AWS. According to Gartner, ‘Google gives deep reductions and pretty bendy contracts to attempt to win tasks from clients.’

AWS vs Azure vs Google Cloud: Pros and Cons

Pros and Cons

It isn’t anyt any brainer that AWS is the largest participant withinside the cloud computing industry, masking a complete marketplace percentage of approximately 33 percentage. One of the apparent motives for this reputation is the 200+ controlled offerings provided with the aid of using AWS and the benefit with which they may be used.

In addition to this, there are numerous different blessings that make AWS a high marketplace participant. It has a big scope of operations and a complete community of global records centers. With its ease of supplying scalability and holistic safety to its customers, AWS has come to be the maximum mature and enterprise-prepared company.

Besides having those blessings, AWS has a downside in its pricing strategy. While corporations discover AWS to be the maximum appropriate cloud carrier company, they’re regularly puzzled approximately its pricing strategy. Even after continuously lowering its prices, many firms discover it tough to apprehend AWS’s price shape and to manipulate the ones prices efficiently even as walking excessive-quantity workloads at the carrier.

Microsoft Azure: Pros and Cons

Microsoft entered the cloud marketplace with the aid of using taking its on-premise offerings, along with Windows Server, Office, SQL Server, Sharepoint, and others, to the cloud. This allows Microsoft to carve out its competition as Azure is included with different packages which might be popularly utilized by a majority of corporations. In addition, Microsoft additionally offers giant reductions to its clients on carrier contracts.

Some of the regions in which Microsoft falls brief is the preservation required for the platform and the excessive know-how had to use Azure. However, the enough blessings of the platform regularly outweigh its disadvantages, and corporations accept as true with Azure for his or her on-cloud requirements.

Google Cloud: Pros and Cons

Google Cloud which comes along side Google Workspace is a sturdy competitor in terms of imparting cloud offerings. It commenced its services in boxes in view that Google evolved the Kubernetes wellknown this is now provided with the aid of using AWS and Azure. Specializing in excessive compute services, along with massive records, analytics, and system learning, Google cloud gives big scaling and cargo balancing capabilities.

While Google Cloud has positive blessings, it additionally has some drawbacks. Google does now no longer have a conventional dating with organizational clients. However, it’s far fast increasing its services and footprint of world records centers. In the future, we will count on Google Cloud to be a harder competitor to Amazon and Azure.

AWS vs Azure vs Google Cloud: What is Best for You

Now, allow’s wrap up this Azure vs AWS vs Google Cloud weblog and check the maximum giant execs and cons of those 3 cloud giants. So which cloud company might be claimed the winner for all of the elements which have been mentioned above?

Establishment: With a head begin of five years, the winner right here is AWS.

Availability zones: With a extra quantity of areas and availability zones, the winner right here is AWS.

Market stocks: With round one-1/3 of marketplace stocks in its name, the winner right here is AWS.

Growth price: Having a boom price of just about a hundred percentage, the winner is GCP.

Who makes use of them: With diverse excessive-stop clients the use of all 3 cloud platforms, it’s a tie!


1. When it involves the quantity of offerings, the winner is AWS.

2. Regarding the mixing with open-supply and on-premise systems, along with MS equipment, which might be commonly utilized in nearly all corporations, the winner is Azure.

Pricing Models: With extra customer-pleasant pricing fashions and bargain fashions, the winner right here is Google Cloud.

With AWS scoring extra factors on this cloud war of Azure vs AWS vs Google Cloud, it without problems comes out on pinnacle of all of the primary cloud carriers, today. However, it’s difficult to mention for the way lengthy AWS will put on the crown of the main cloud company, for the reason that Azure and GCP are relentlessly running their manner up at the pinnacle cloud carriers list. Even aleven though AWS has the brought gain of being the primary one in every of its kind, Azure and GCP additionally have their very own set of strengths. Using Azure cloud makes extra experience to numerous corporations that use MS equipment in view that it’s clean to combine MS equipment with Azure cloud. And, GCP imparting the quality pricing version for the infrastructure, on which Google Search engine and YouTube run, is the handiest cause clients want to move for GCP.

So, all matters considered, it might be higher to mention that it’s now no longer approximately deciding on the quality cloud carriers, alternatively it’s approximately deciding on the quality-ideal cloud company as according to your needs.

With this, you’ve got got come to the stop of this weblog on AWS vs Azure vs Google Cloud. Hopefully, you observed this weblog informative. If you need to pursue AWS, Azure, and GCP in-depth, then do take a look at out Intellipaat’s Azure Training, Microsoft AWS Master’s Program, and Google Cloud Training.

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