6 Reasons Why to Choose AWS

Here we will discuss reasons as to why to choose AWS. Amazon Web Services (abbreviated AWS) is a set of far-flung computing offerings (additionally referred to as internet offerings) that collectively make up a cloud computing platform, presented over the Internet through Amazon.com. The maximum primary and famous of those offerings are Amazon EC2 and Amazon S3.

AWS is a set of web website hosting merchandise that goals to take the headache out of conventional web website hosting solutions. Services like Dropbox and web sites which includes Reddit all use AWS. In Fact, we sense that we’re in a great neighborhood through being on AWS.

AWS isn’t always only for the Dropboxes and Reddits of the world, though. You and I can host multiple servers on AWS and pretty correctly too. We currently were the use of AWS to host the internet backend for an agency internet utility we constructed for the loan servicing industry, which generally runs on excessive visitors for the duration of the workplace hours and a chunk of much less visitors withinside the off hours.

For brief occasions like this, AWS makes a number of feel. The visitors is excessive for the duration of the day, after which will dwindle off, permitting us to control the quantity of server computation had to host the backend with out being tied right into a yearlong contract, or purchasing energy we do not always want.

I’ve compiled some of our motives for selecting AWS and defined them here. So, let’s dive in and spot why AWS is higher than the competition, for huge and small users.

Reasons Why to Choose AWS

On the Go Pricing

Amazon took a fresh technique to pricing its web website hosting whilst launching AWS. Every carrier is “a l. a. carte”, which means you pay for what you use. This makes a number of feel for server infrastructure, as visitors has a tendency to be very bursty, particularly the bigger the web website online is.

Traditional hardware, for the maximum part, is going unutilized for 90% of its lifecycle. AWS facilitates address this hassle through maintaining it reasonably-priced for the duration of the sluggish times.

The Free Tier

The largest motive many human beings do now no longer use AWS is loss of knowledge. EC2 isn’t like a conventional hosted answer, as it is designed to deliver servers on-line and offline right away as needed. Because of this, many IT specialists had been leery of the use of EC2 (or the relaxation of the AWS suite) due to the value related with “gambling around” to discern it out.

The loose tier, which offers sufficient credit score to run an EC2 micro example 24/7 all month, resolves this. It comes with S3 garage, EC2 compute hours, Elastic Load Balancer time, and lots more. This offers builders a hazard to strive out AWS’s API of their software, which now no longer most effective complements their software, however additionally ties them to AWS, which advantages Amazon withinside the lengthy run.


There’s no denying the rate of AWS. The Elastic Block Storage is sort of as speedy as S3, however offers one-of-a-kind features. EC2 Compute Units deliver Xeon-magnificence overall performance on an hourly rate. The reliability is higher than maximum non-public facts facilities withinside the world, and if there may be a hassle, you are generally nonetheless on-line, however with decreased capacity.

This is examined the use of a stunning utility Chaos Monkey, in which through the use of this utility it randomly powers down a issue to your cloud surroundings. Then you can whether or not your utility remains walking or if it’s miles introduced down entirely. So in our case the chaos monkey introduced down our database and an internet server. The database which became a RDS carrier right away switched to some other database the use of the Multi AZ characteristic as promised through AWS. In the internet server scenario, whilst one internet server became down then some other internet server became released the use of the autoscaling characteristic, so we eventually concluded that AWS can provide High Availability Performance as promised through them.

In a conventional conventional web website hosting environments, this in all likelihood might have supposed downtime and 404 mistakes because the web sites might have simply long past dark. But in a honestly cloud-hosted surroundings like AWS, there may be sufficient separation among processing and garage that webweb sites can stay on-line and keep producing sales regardless of decreased functionality. We host our webweb sites out of the Northern Virginia cluster and Oregon cluster, and skilled no problems.

But the overall performance energy of AWS is withinside the garage. The disbursed nature of EBS and S3 yields tens of thousands and thousands of input/output operations in line with 2nd to all times. Think of it like having a raid array of SSDs connected to a specific computer. Add in first-rate bandwidth, and you’ve got a garage machine this is able to significant scaling, with the reliability of 99.999999999%.

Deployment Speed

If you have ever needed to provision a hosted internet carrier, you understand this ache very properly. Traditional vendors take everywhere from 48-ninety six hours to provision a server. Then you need to spend some hours tweaking it and getting the entirety examined.

AWS shrinks that deployment time to minutes. If you make use of their Amazon Machine Images, you may have a system deployed and equipped to simply accept connections in that quick quantity of time. This is vital whilst, for example, you’re walking a merchandising that generates heaps of visitors at unique intervals, or simply want the ability to address the call for whilst a brand new product launches.

The CloudFormation Templates is a present from the AWS which may be used to roll out a couple of environments at the pressing of button and as properly may be rolled down at the pressing of a button whilst the requirement recedes.

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Access to the AWS sources may be confined the use of the IAM(Identity and Access Management), the use of the jobs in IAM we are able to outline the privileges for person movements which significantly reduces any malpractices.

AWS additionally offers VPC, which may be used to host our offerings on a non-public community which isn’t available from the internet, however can talk with the sources withinside the identical community. This restricts the get admission to to the sources such that any unwell intentioned person from the internet.

These sources hosted withinside the non-public community may be accessed the use of the Amazon VPN or a few open supply carrier like OpenVPN.


The maximum vital characteristic in AWS is its flexibility. All the offerings paintings and talk collectively together along with your utility to routinely choose call for and take care of it accordingly.

Combined with the amazing API and the Amazon Machine Images you create; you may have a very custom designed answer that provisions a server example in beneath Neath 10 minutes and is prepared to simply accept connections as soon as it comes on-line. Then you may quick close down times whilst they’re now no longer needed, making server control an issue of the past.

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