What is AWS? Amazon Cloud (Web) Services Tutorial – Jan2023

What is AWS?

The complete shape of AWS is Amazon Web Services. It is a platform that gives flexible, reliable, scalable, smooth-to-use and, cost-powerful cloud computing solutions.

AWS is a comprehensive, smooth to apply computing platform supplied Amazon. The platform is advanced with a aggregate of infrastructure as a service (IaaS), platform as a service (PaaS) and packaged software program as a service (SaaS) offerings.

History of AWS

  • 2002- AWS services launched
  • 2006- Launched its cloud products
  • 2012- Holds first customer event
  • 2015- Reveals revenues achieved of $4.6 billion
  • 2016- Surpassed $10 billon revenue target
  • 2016- Release snowball and snowmobile
  • 2019- Offers nearly 100 cloud services
  • 2021- AWS comprises over 200 products and services

Important AWS Services

Amazon Web Services gives a huge variety of various commercial enterprise reason worldwide cloud-primarily based totally merchandise. The merchandise consist of storage, databases, analytics, networking, mobile, improvement tools, company applications, with a pay-as-you-cross pricing model.

Here, are essential AWS services.

AWS Compute Services

Here, are Cloud Compute Services offered by Amazon:

  1. EC2(Elastic Compute Cloud)– EC2 is a digital device withinside the cloud on that you have OS degree manage. You can run this cloud server every time you need.
  2. LightSail- This cloud computing device mechanically deploys and manages the computer, garage, and networking skills required to run your packages.
  3. Elastic Beanstalk- The device gives computerized deployment and provisioning of sources like a especially scalable manufacturing internet site.
  4. EKS (Elastic Container Service for Kubernetes)– The device lets in you to Kubernetes on Amazon cloud surroundings with out installation.
  5. AWS Lambda- This AWS provider lets in you to run capabilities withinside the cloud. The device is a large fee saver for you as you to pay simplest while your capabilities execute.

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Migration Services

Migration offerings used to switch information bodily among your datacenter and AWS.

  1. DMS (Database Migration Service)– DMS provider may be used emigrate on-webweb page databases to AWS. It lets you migrate from one form of database to another — for instance, Oracle to MySQL.
  2. SMS (Server Migration Service)– SMS migration offerings lets in you emigrate on-webweb page servers to AWS without difficulty and fast.
  3. Snowball— Snowball is a small utility which lets in you to switch terabytes of information outside and inside of AWS surroundings.

Storage Services

  1. Amazon Glacier- It is a really low-fee garage provider. It gives stable and rapid garage for information archiving and backup.
  2. Amazon Elastic Block Store (EBS)- It affords block-degree garage to apply with Amazon EC2 times. Amazon Elastic Block Store volumes are network-connected and stay unbiased from the existence of an example.
  3. AWS Storage Gateway- This AWS provider is connecting on-premises software program packages with cloud-primarily based totally garage. It gives stable integration among the company’s on-premises and AWS’s garage infrastructure.

Security Services

  1. IAM (Identity and Access Management)— IAM is a stable cloud protection provider which lets you manipulate customers, assign policies, shape organizations to manipulate a couple of customers.
  2. Inspector— It is an agent that you could deployation in your digital machines, which reviews any protection vulnerabilities.
  3. Certificate Manager— The provider gives unfastened SSL certificate on your domain names which are controlled with the aid of using Route53.
  4. WAF (Web Application Firewall)— WAF protection provider gives utility-degree safety and lets in you to dam SQL injection and lets you block cross-webweb page scripting attacks.
  5. Cloud Directory— This provider lets in you to create flexible, cloud-local directories for dealing with hierarchies of information alongside a couple of dimensions.
  6. KMS (Key Management Service)— It is a controlled provider. This protection provider lets you create and manage the encryption keys which lets in you to encrypt your information.
  7. Organizations— You can create organizations of AWS money owed the use of this provider to manages protection and automation settings.
  8. Shield— Shield is controlled DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service safety provider). It gives safeguards in opposition to net packages going for walks on AWS.
  9. Macie— It gives a information visibility protection provider which allows classify and guard your touchy essential content.
  10. GuardDuty— It gives risk detection to guard your AWS money owed and workloads.

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Database Services

  1. Amazon RDS- This Database AWS provider is simple to set up, operate, and scale a relational database withinside the cloud.
  2. Amazon DynamoDB- It is a rapid, completely controlled NoSQL database provider. It is a easy provider which permit fee-powerful garage and retrieval of information. It additionally lets in you to serve any degree of request traffic.
  3. Amazon ElastiCache- It is an internet provider which makes it smooth to set upation, operate, and scale an in-reminiscence cache withinside the cloud.
  4. Neptune- It is a rapid, dependable and scalable graph database provider.
  5. Amazon RedShift- It is Amazon’s information warehousing answer which you could use to carry out complicated OLAP queries.

Analytics Services

  1. Athena— This analytics provider lets in perm SQL queries in your S3 bucket to discover documents.
  2. CloudSearch— You have to use this AWS provider to create a completely controlled seek engine on your internet site.
  3. ElasticSearch— It is just like CloudSearch. However, it gives extra capabilities like utility monitoring.
  4. Kinesis— This AWS analytics provider lets you move and studying real-time information at huge scale.
  5. QuickSight— It is a enterprise analytics device. It lets you create visualizations in a dashboard for information in Amazon Web Services. For instance, S3, DynamoDB, etc.
  6. EMR (Elastic Map Reduce)— This AWS analytics provider specifically used for large information processing like Spark, Splunk, Hadoop, etc.
  7. Data Pipeline— Allows you to transport information from one location to another. For instance from DynamoDB to S3.

Management Services

  1. CloudWatch— Cloud watch lets you display AWS environments like EC2, RDS times, and CPU utilization. It additionally triggers alarms relies upon on numerous metrics.
  2. CloudFormation— It is a manner of turning infrastructure into the cloud. You can use templates for presenting an entire manufacturing surroundings in minutes.
  3. CloudTrail— It gives an smooth approach of auditing AWS sources. It lets you log all modifications.
  4. OpsWorks— The provider lets in you to computerized Chef/Puppet deployments on AWS surroundings.
  5. Config— This AWS provider video display units your surroundings. The device sends indicators approximately modifications whilst you damage positive described configurations.
  6. Service Catalog— This provider allows massive businesses to authorize which offerings consumer can be used and which won’t.
  7. AWS Auto Scaling— The provider lets in you to mechanically scale your sources up and down primarily based totally on given CloudWatch metrics.
  8. Systems Manager— This AWS provider lets in you to institution your sources. It lets in you to pick out troubles and act on them.
  9. Managed Services— It gives control of your AWS infrastructure which lets in you to consciousness in your packages.Managed Services— It gives control of your AWS infrastructure which lets in you to consciousness in your packages.

Internet of Things

  1. IoT Core— It is a controlled cloud AWS provider. The provider lets in related gadgets?like cars, mild bulbs, sensor grids, to soundly have interaction with cloud packages and different gadgets.
  2. IoT Device Management— It lets in you to manipulate your IoT gadgets at any scale.
  3. IoT Analytics— This AWS IOT provider is beneficial to carry out evaluation on information accumulated with the aid of using your IoT gadgets.
  4. Amazon FreeRTOS— This real-time running device for microcontrollers lets you join IoT gadgets withinside the neighborhood server or into the cloud.

Application Services

  1. Step Functions— It is a manner of visualizing what’s going internal your utility and what one-of-a-kind microservices it’s miles the use of.
  2. SWF (Simple Workflow Service)— The provider lets you coordinate each computerized obligations and human-led obligations.
  3. SNS (Simple Notification Service)— You can use this provider to ship you notifications withinside the shape of electronic mail and SMS primarily based totally on given AWS offerings.
  4. SQS (Simple Queue Service)— Use this AWS provider to decouple your packages. It is a pull-primarily based totally provider.
  5. Elastic Transcoder— This AWS provider device lets you modifications a video’s layout and determination to help numerous gadgets like tablets, smartphones, and laptops of various resolutions.

Deployment and Management

  1. AWS CloudTrail: The offerings information AWS API calls and ship backlog documents to you.
  2. Amazon CloudWatch: The gear display AWS sources like Amazon EC2 and Amazon RDS DB Instances. It additionally lets in you to display custom metrics created with the aid of using consumer’s packages and offerings.
  3. AWS CloudHSM: This AWS provider allows you meet corporate, regulatory, and contractual, compliance necessities for preserving information protection with the aid of using the use of the Hardware Security Module(HSM) home equipment withinside the AWS surroundings.

Developer Tools

  1. CodeStar— Codestar is a cloud-primarily based totally provider for creating, dealing with, and running with numerous software program improvement tasks on AWS.
  2. CodeCommit— It is AWS’s model manage provider which lets in you to keep your code and different property privately withinside the cloud.
  3. CodeBuild— This Amazon developer provider assist you to automates the technique of constructing and compiling your code.
  4. CodeDeploy— It is a manner of deploying your code in EC2 times mechanically.
  5. CodePipeline— It allows you create a deployment pipeline like checking out, constructing, checking out, authentication, deployment on improvement and manufacturing environments.
  6. Cloud9— It is an Integrated Development Environment for writing, going for walks, and debugging code withinside the cloud.

Mobile Services

  1. Mobile Hub— Allows you to upload, configure and layout capabilities for cell apps.
  2. Cognito— Allows customers to signup the use of his or her social identity.
  3. Device Farm— Device farm lets you enhance the great of apps with the aid of using fast checking out loads of cell gadgets.
  4. AWS AppSync— It is a completely controlled GraphQL provider that gives real-time information synchronization and offline programming capabilities.

Business Productivity

  1. Alexa for Business— It empowers your corporation with voice, the use of Alexa. It will assist you to Allows you to construct custom voice competencies on your corporation.
  2. Chime— Can be used for on-line assembly and video conferencing.
  3. WorkDocs— Helps to keep files withinside the cloud
  4. WorkMail— Allows you to ship and obtain enterprise emails.

Desktop & App Streaming

  1. WorkSpaces— Workspace is a VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure). It lets in you to apply faraway computer systems withinside the cloud.
  2. AppStream— A manner of streaming laptop packages for your customers withinside the net browser. For instance, the use of MS Word in Google Chrome.

Artificial Intelligence

  1. Lex— Lex device lets you construct chatbots fast.
  2. Polly— It is AWS’s textual content-to-speech provider lets in you to create audio variations of your notes.
  3. Rekognition — It is AWS’s face popularity provider. This AWS provider lets you understand faces and item in pix and videos.
  4. SageMaker— Sagemaker lets in you to construct, train, and set upation device gaining knowledge of fashions at any scale.
  5. Transcribe— It is AWS’s speech-to-textual content provider that gives top notch and lower priced transcriptions.
  6. Translate— It is a totally comparable device to Google Translate which lets in you to translate textual content in a single language to another.

AR & VR (Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality)

  1. Sumerian— Sumerian is a fixed of device for providing top notch digital reality (VR) stories at the net. The provider lets in you to create interactive 3-D scenes and put up it as a internet site for customers to get right of entry to.

Customer Engagement

  1. Amazon Connect— Amazon Connect lets in you to create your purchaser care middle withinside the cloud.
  2. Pinpoint— Pinpoint lets you apprehend your customers and have interaction with them.
  3. SES (Simple Email Service)— Helps you to ship bulk emails for your clients at a rather fee-powerful price.

Game Development

  1. GameLift– It is a provider that is controlled with the aid of using AWS. You can use this provider to host committed sport servers. It lets in you to scale seamlessly with out taking your sport offline.

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